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11th to 22nd October 2021
Two week Movement workshop, performance practice  and Performance

Euphoric is a 10 days training program focusses on Performance practice and training focussed on people who would like to explore movement using principles of floor work, martial arts and contemporary dance . this program is taught by Abhilash Ningappa and Prashant More ( more info below)







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Final Presentation evening on 22nd at 7 pm ( you don't have to participate in the performance if you are not comfortable)


Fees :

Full workshop : 4,500 rupees

One class : 300 rupees (drop in)

Full day: 550 rupees


To Apply : send whatsapp message to one of these numbers and reserve your spot,

you can pay the fees at the venue

whatsapp :

Savithri  : +91-8940477667 (studio details)               

Abhilash : +91- 9980560577 (workshop information)               

Prashant : +91- 75075 88719 (workshop Information)



Accommodation : If you are travelling from outstation and need a place in Auroville, there are many guest houses offered for guests in Auroville and here is the list of guest houses in this link(Accommodation is not covered in the workshop fees)



Food : Auroville is fully surrounded by really good restaurants and cafes , when the participants arrive we will share all the information regarding nearby restaurants


Bike rent: Next to the studio there is a place who rents bikes for guests , its very affordable and simple, if you need we provide contact numbers.


Beach : Beach is just 5 min away and the best beach which is Shima is 10 min bike ride



Workshop description

Title: Breaking Points

Facilitated by Prashant More


Prashant will give you an insight of different movement techniques, and methods experienced and developed from his researched movement practice. Primarily the module deals in transformation of movement, by enhancing one’s relationship with the floor and the space in building up deep dance vocabulary. The exercises consist of spatial awareness, body work, floor work influence from disciplines like yoga, martial arts. Sequences inspired from Flying Low, Contemporary techniques and Acrobats. Although physical, the class will follow a clear structure of never breaking the flow but systematically guiding one from the beginning to the end.


Prashant More is a dancer, teacher and choreographer based in Bangalore, India. He began his dance career as B-boying/Hip-hop dancer in addition to which he also trained in Bharatanatyam (Indian Classical dance) and contemporary dance.Graduated in Contemporary Dance from Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts in Bangalore, India he joined the Attakkalari’s repertory company as a professional dancer and was involved in company’s numerous performances and productions. Since 2014, he has been working as an independent artist travelling to European and Asian countries in order to perform and deepen his dance education in Contemporary Dance/Art and Choreography.He participated in a Choreographic Intensive (SNDO, Amsterdam 2015), Intensive in Physical Experimental Performances (SMASH, Berlin 2015), Interdisciplinary program (Bali, Indonesia, 2015), Flying Low and Passing Through Intensives (Berlin, 2015) and (Hong Kong, 2016)Some of his choreographic pieces include solo works, such as “3am” (2019) premiered at Bangalore International centre. A duet “Another Day” (2016) “Give me 5 minutes” Presented in Berlin, Germany in a series of short pieces “Where should I run” (2015) at Hong Kong International festival. Apart from creating his own independent pieces of work Prashant also collaborates with various choreographers and theatre directors from India and other countries.These collaborations include being a performer in “WHO?”, choreographed by Ronita Mookerji and  presented as a part of The Outlands Tour in UK; “Architect of Self Destruction”, choreographed by Abhilash Ningappa, which toured India as a part of Prakriti Excellence in Contemporary Dance Awards; “Inside out” with Irene Fiordilino (Italy), was performed in UK,  as well as performing in theatre production “Khwaab-Sa”, directed by Atul Kumar (The Company Theatre), which was presented and tour both in India and abroad.Currently, he is an Associate Artist with Play Practice Artist Residency and also teaches independently in numerous other studios in Bangalore.Email :-


Title:Embodying Critical Situation

Facilitated by Abhilash Ningappa


The practice is about identifying our way of expressing into certain situations like a moment of confrontation, dealing ,accepting and mainly reacting. Inventing a score to create an incident and let the body react and mind follows and other way around. Using senses to provoke emotions created through incidents. Identifying the space filled with accumulated information through movement and research. We experience reaction through various tasks and scores, to disengage mind from body and observing the reaction of body, recollecting or replaying the incident and to identify it with a new perspective, the new is nothing but a combination of various memories played in different time and space which is changing and passing every moment. Bringing feeling and letting the body occupy and transfer, letting it pass in order to give space for the next incident. Running from incident to incident, going through different emotional state, identifying the presence and absence, and identifying the state of mind and body through these different emotional state.


Abhilash Ningappa, Founder and Artistic Director of Play Practice Artists Residency (INDIA), born and based in India. Recognised as performer, choreographer and teacher both nationally and internationally. He post graduated in SEAD (Salzburg) and Post Masters in APASS (Advanced performance and scenography studies) (Belgium) . A yoga practitioner and a martial art teacher, trained in kalari payattu and contemporary dance.He won Pecda award for ‘Architect of Self Destruction,' a work which was created by Ningappa himself and performed in several venues all around India and Spain. He taught and performed  in Nunart and Lacaldera (Barcelona), Ibiza movement and performance Festival."No Speaking Solo" Performed in Isadora Festival (Russia). “Too far east is west" performance with Carla Guida Johnson in Bangalore, with Ana jezebel with Devir Capa (Portugal) and Nicola Fabiana (Germany).  Other Choreography works:"Lets Make Up India" with Eva Maria Kupfer (Switzerland)"Disposable Heroes" with Bangalore Dance Collective (India)."Troubled Duet" in Bangalore international dance festival (India)'Life Unedited”  lecture performance in Alkantara (Lisbon)" Pro Choreo Laboratory” (Zurich)"15 pieces “ concept by Daniel kok , performed 15 solos choreographed by 15 choreographersIn the frame of an exchange program called "Point to point" by Asia Europe Dance Forum supported by Asian Europe foundation.