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Play Practice Residency organizes an apprenticeship program for the 7th time focusing on movement research and development as well as physical training from various teachers from Bangalore as well as international teachers.
we invite professional dancers and choreographers to come and experience our intensive workshop and classes of contemporary dance , improvisation and composition , Indian classical forms and yoga.

To Apply:

Send email at :


1) CV

2) Pictures

3) Few lines regarding your interests for joining this program

with Subject : (your name) : apprenticeship program 2022/23


We will get back to you within 3 days 


Application deadline : 30th November 2022



Option1 : 665 Euro ( 53,000 Rupees) includes Course fees for the entire program and accommodation for 3 weeks

Option2: 290 Euro (23,000 Rupees) course fees without accommodation



The maximum number of students for this course is 25. 


Any questions please contact: :



We have multiple housing premises, each comprising of fully furnished  rooms and living space, an attached bath and kitchen facility.-

- Accommodation for all students is twin or triple shared with  5 to 6 students in one premise

.- The housing premise is spacious, fully equipped and furnished with lots of natural light and air

.- All rooms are well ventilated and hygienic with ample storage space, fans and windows.

- The Dance studio is in same premise to the housing area.

- You will be provided with a fully equipped kitchen if you want to cook on your own. Small convenient stores and a supermarket is in the vicinity.

Screenshot 2022-08-21 at 16-50-31 Abhilash Ningappa (_playpracticeartistresidency) • Insta
Screenshot 2022-08-21 at 16-59-16 Abhilash Ningappa (_playpracticeartistresidency) • Insta
Screenshot 2022-08-21 at 16-58-07 Abhilash Ningappa (_playpracticeartistresidency) • Insta
Screenshot 2022-08-21 at 16-58-31 Abhilash Ningappa (_playpracticeartistresidency) • Insta


Food in India is very affordable and we have a following option

Option 1:  Door Delivery: it is possible to order food to the studio space, the restaurant nearby makes north Indian and south Indian food. its very tasty and really cheap
Huge big meal costs like 1 euro and other dishes even less. But again depends how much you eat.

Option 2: APP : this is a mobile app called Swiggy , you can able to order food from any restaurants and they deliver within 30 to 40 min

Option 3: Cooking in the studio: we have 4 kitchen in the space and 4 to 5 people will share each kitchen , we have all the facilities to cook , as well as shops and super market nearby to buy things.

Option 4: we can also all get together and plan a group cooking. At least once in a week and have some time to experience food from various countries.

We find it hard to organize food which suits everyone's needs so we thought its better to keep it open for participants to decide and the food is NOT covered in the course fees.

We will have a meeting on the first day of the course where we decide for each week and everyone has an option of choosing what kind of food they like to have and plan according to that.

IMPORTANT: We don't offer fancy staying, very basic and sharing rooms with friends,  IF you don't like sharing room, kitchen and Space .  then this course is not for you, we like to work in a very respectful and peaceful atmosphere. we help and support each other through mutual respect and  communication, This is a space for collaboration and meeting point between artists to get to know each other  and create works. please come with open mind, share your knowledge , learn, respect , create and carry valuable moments home.

This Residency is located in a residential area in Mysore Road. You will find small grocery and convenient stores walking distance away. Theirs a supermarket and a mall nearby too.

- Transportation: For any kind of recreational activities, you can take cabs or buses from the residency to the city or outside the city.

-All students must take full responsibility of their personal belongings, the residency provides lockers. The institution will not be held responsible for any mishap. Everybody must take full responsibility of their own health and welfare.

NOTE:  Play Practice Residency is a non profit organization running from past 5 years without any support and funding, All the finances are invested on the studio renovation , electric bills, water and teachers fees. we are trying our best to create artistic community through organizing events and projects but have not reached the place where we can support artists financially but we are on the way. We would like so much if you support this project and give valuable feedback to sustain and move forward with our goal of creating artistic community in Bangalore.


Rudi Skotheim Jensen is employed as a specialist consultant at the Actors and Dance Allian


Screenshot 2022-11-14 at 3.34.21 PM.png

Participants are welcome to arrive within 2 days before the program and leave within 2 days after the program, to give flexibility to choose flights according to your convenient and feel free to choose flight which arrives also mid night , we will be happy to invite anytime in this 2 days. Any extra days stay is possible as well on extra costs.

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