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ARTIST IN RESIDENCE  Project Bangalore


Play Practice Residency invites artists from various disciplines to come and share their work through collaboration, workshops and performances. we offer accommodation and studio facilities with basic technical requirements. we ask artists to bring projects, ideas, skills and work and share with the local dance community. Unfortunately we don't have funding to provide facilities for free but we are asking for contributions towards maintaining the space and developing it further.The space is ideal for big and small size performances. You are welcome to set up a space for your project and organise performances, lectures and discussions.

Small Studio: Studio space size is 20ft x 30ft, with a wooden, linoleum floor.

Big Studio: Studio space Size is 30ft x 60 ft clear space with sprung wooden floor + foam+ Vinyl

Kitchen : We have a private kitchen, as well as an open kitchen in the studio.

For funding opportunities in India , check this link:

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