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Established in 2012 alongside our residential space in Bangalore, Play Practice is committed to fostering the creation and development of high-quality Performing Arts Projects. Our newly constructed 60x30 ft studio aims to provide an enhanced space for professional projects. Currently, we organize three main activities at Play Practice Studios:

  1. Play Practice Apprenticeship Program: A 3-week educational program started six years ago, engaging 18 to 25 artists worldwide.

  2. International Workshops: Hosting workshops with renowned Indian and international artists like Katie Duck, Shura Barishnikov, Rob Hyden, Ori Flomin, Jose Agudo, and HumanHood Dance Company.

  3. Artist Residencies: Since 2012, we have hosted several artists with varied residencies, offering studio space and accommodation at a reasonable price. We organize performance evenings at the end of each residency.


We are keen to expand our Artist Residency program, seeking both economic support to enhance our services and new artists to contribute high-quality artistic work to our space.


Since 2012, our Artists-in-Residency Programs have welcomed artists, academics, and curators from diverse backgrounds. We provide a unique environment for reflection, research, development, and presentation or production of their work. While artists currently cover their own expenses, we are dedicated to assisting them in organizing local performances and workshops for additional financial support. Operating independently for eight years, we offer studio space, accommodation, and administrative support, resulting in projects from Play Practice Residencies being performed in international festivals, benefiting both local and global artists.

The relationship between guest artists and hosts is crucial, and we see residencies as the start of enduring connections. Artists often return for project completion, new collaborations, or participation in local artistic events.


Presently, we seek financial and artistic support to sustain and elevate our residential projects. Our goal is to provide financial support to artists for their work, cover operational costs, maintain and improve our space, and continue offering mentoring to our artists. Your support can help us promote performances, talks, and workshops within the local artistic scene.

To support Play Practice Residency, please contact us at


Play Practice originated in 2012 as a project of the non-profit organization "Bangalore Dance Collective." Founded in 2009 in a 100 sq ft living room, the collective, led by Artistic Director Abhilash Ningappa and 11 other artists, aimed to support and propagate new projects in Performing Arts. In 2014, a 600 sq ft studio space with accommodation facilities was established, followed by the recent completion of our new 1,800 sq ft studio with a sprung wooden floor. We are now prepared to host new artists and projects, continuing our journey of promoting artistic collaborations and exploration.

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