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Two dancers from different cultures and background entering into a space experiencing the limitations in their bodies. Finding the most uncomfortable place or finding comfort in the discomfort. Experiencing difficulties when we miss a certain balance in our bodies.The reaction of the body is quite unpredictable and going through this journey in the space is what gives us information about limitations.
















This focus of the research is an exchange of information. We discuss about each others working method and our way of expression through the practice of art. As a result of sharing, interfering with each others ideas we come up with a way of working with each other.The goal is to find the equilibrium point through desires, ideas and impulses and to find a language, which we can use to communicate in order to express ourselves.We continue our process through choosing the main idea of working on limitations. Working with the situation, which is physically exhausting; the task is to recreate the imaginary idea of exploring the limitations of our body and mind. Our bodies reflect the social situations where it is able to express the discomfort in the space.We are balanced and the expression of ourselves of being comfortable and what happens when we can express our imbalanced situation, what do we receive from seeing someone who we think is disoriented. Does this disorientation finds its way of dealing with the society or it takes us into an other direction, do we disconnect to find balance or we stay imbalanced and stay in that place in order to survive. What is the physical reaction for this disorientation?



Through ideation and discussions, what is already around us has become something really powerful. The concept itself is a mix of ideas while going through a specific context. Letting the space shape our daily working procedure where we are physically involved with different scenarios, and the outcome is changing, transforming and creating a present moment in time and space.We ask our bodies to find the most uncomfortable position in order to experience the limitations of going through this experience of parts of our bodies being missing or a support is disconnected so that finding comfort becomes a task for us to find different qualities, a quality which is treated differently from different people depending on cultural codes, background, experience and desires.Also observing our own bodies and the way our senses react through touch, sound and smell. Senses function according to the memories we have from our life, culture. Observing ourselves through our senses reflects our way of seeing things, for example dealing with this limitation of our body.Trying to puzzle information and share it in order to create space by pushing the walls in all the directions. As performers we experience the creation of a unique code that happens to be different for every single person, who will have the desire of taking it and de-codifying it. 

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