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Play Practice Artists residency program is offering a residency for artists all over the world. We invite Interdisciplinary movement and performing artists to live and create in a quiet artistic space run by artists from India. we are away from the city and artists will work in a  peaceful space for in-depth concentration on research, creative process and refreshing sunny weather in Summer.


The resident artist will have accomodation and access to dance studios with wooden sprung floors. Play Practice Artists residency is primarily a working space for diverse movement artists with the need to go deeper into their work and practice as well as presentation at the end. It is an experience of collaborative living and creation, and the resident will have the opportunity of artistic exchange as well as access to inside information about the dance scene in Bangalore.


This is a self generated residency and it is is conceived as an independent collaboration between Artists and Play Practice Artists residency as a way to facilitate alternative and affordable spaces for independent artists and creative researchers.The selected artists will need to Pay 775 Euro per month as Donation. Invitation letters for funding purposes are available after acceptance.



1) 9 hours of pre-booked studio space per day ,

2) Accommodation
2) Possibility to teach classes and/or organize a performance or work-in-progress showing.
3) One or two  extra persons may be accommodated for additional fee .


9am to 6pm :


You are welcome to offer workshops, lectures and presentation during your residency. Bangalore has contemporary , classical as well as experimental art scene and very open to people from diverse background all over the world. you can plan your presentation and lectures after 7:00 pm during your residency and weekends for workshops or to see places around Bangalore like Nandi hills, Hampi, and kodai kanal. it is also possible to collaborate with Local artists and we can provide more information.

​Space: The space is ideal for small and big size performances. You are welcome to set up a space for your project. 

To Apply:

Send email to with following Details

1) Your CV and Photos

2) Number of artists involved ( Max 3)

3) Project description (1 page)

4) Mention the duration of your stay and the date of your proposed project ( to check the availability of space)


Accommodation and Food

We have multiple housing premises, each comprising of fully furnished 2 rooms, an attached bath and kitchen facility.

- Accomodation for all artists with 3 artists in one premise. 

- The housing premise is spacious, fully equipped and furnished with lots of natural light and air.

- All rooms are well ventilated and hygienic with ample storage space, fans and windows.

- The small studio is right next to the housing area and Big studio is on the first floor of the building.

- You will be provided with a fully eqipped kitchen if you want to cook on your own. Small convenient stores and a supermarket is in the vicinity.

Food in India is ridiculously cheap and we have a following option

Option 1:  Door Delivery: it is possible to order food to the studio space, the restaurant nearby makes north indian and south indian food. its very tasty and really cheap
Huge big meal costs like 1 euro and other dishes even less. But again depends how much you eat.

Option 2: Cooking in the studio: we have 3 kitchen in the space and 1 to 3 people will share each kitchen , we have all the facilities to cook , as well as shops and super market nearby to buy things.

Option 3: You can also get together with other artists and plan a group cooking. At least once in a week and have some time to experience food from various countries.

                         We find it hard to organise food which suits everyones needs so we thought its better to keep it open for participants to decide and the food is NOT covered in the donation fees.

                     The residency is located in a residencial area in Mysore Road. You will find small grocery and convenient stores walking distance away. Theres a supermarket and a mall nearby too. 

- Transportation: For any kind of recreational activities, you can take cabs, metro, rickshaw or buses from the residency to the city or outside the city. 

-All students must take full responsibility of their personal belongings, the residency provides lockers. Residency will not be held responsible for any mishap. Everybody must take full responsibility of their own health and welfare.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a self organised space and we ask artists to take care of space, keep it clean and not to leave any traces. be open to community living with collaborative mind. India is Hot (25 to 35deg), populated ,food is spicy, animals on the street and traffic jams,

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