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Play Practice Research apprenticeship program

14th dec 2015-10th Jan 2016

Play Practice is an ongoing movement research, which is developed over the period of time with new and deeper information. This research needs more input through understanding different methods through working with various people under different disciplines, its about creating a language which can speak universally through sharing knowledge in different perspective and understanding through various fields and deeper understanding. This research needs platform in order to develop further and become the language of expression and communication in a deeper level through understanding working with senses, awareness of relativity with time and space, result of action and the necessary output. 


Jasmiina Sipilä is a performer, a choreographer and a teacher. She holds a BA in Dance Theatre (London City University Trinity Laban, 2006) and an MA in Dance Art (University of Arts Helsinki, Department of Dance Pedagogy, 2015). Over the past 10 years she has worked as a dancer in several solo and group works in UK, Finland, Sweden and Estonia. She teaches improvisation, contact improvisation, cross-disciplinary creative work, contemporary dance technique, body awareness and body conditioning. She has thought for example at the University of Arts Helsinki in inter-disciplinary improvisation workshops, Tallinn University, a vocational dance course at the Västra Nyland Folkhögskola in Finland and Daksha Seth Dance Company in India. She planned and facilitated a year-long programme for Jersey Arts Trust to offer artists a platform to collaborate across art disciplines. She collaborates in dance and theatre projects as a choreographer and a deviser. She lives in Helsinki, Finland and mostly works in Finland and UK, as well as internationally.



Abhilash Ningappa is born in India. He is a Performer, teacher and choreographer in India and Europe. He post graduated in SEAD (Salzburg) and Post Masters in APASS (Advanced performance and scenography studies) (Belgium) on a movement research project called PLAY PRACTICE.  A yoga practitioner and a martial art teacher, trained in kalari payattu and contemporary dance, started his training in India and later travelled in India and Europe working and practicing.


He has taught in Royal Conservatoire Antwerp (ARTESIS, Antwerp) and has been teaching professional classes in Dock 11 (Berlin), Dansehotel (Malaga), PARTS (Brussels), Le chien Perdu (Brussels), Attakalari (Bangalore), Dance Identity (D.ID)(Austria), Danskias (Vienna), and Association of professional dancers (Ireland). He has organized professional training program in India called PROTRAIN, and a scholarship program for "Improjunction" festival facilitated by Katie duck and Goa contact festival 


He has worked with choreographers such as Constanza macras in "Back to the present", Michele keleminis "Caroline and Abhilash" and in Ireland, with Rex levitates Dance Company. He has performed in " I hear voices" by Nadia Laura, in "Bodies in urban spaces" by Willie Dorner, and "Icosahedron" by Tania Carvalho.


He started his choreography work in 2003 with  "4men 4minutes". He worked in collaboration with individuals and groups from Attakalari to create the group pieces "No way out" and  "I am fine" in 2004. He received scholarship in Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD) for a choreography exchange program where, with the students, he created " Space Time"." Connecting Landscapes" and " New trash" in 2009. He presented a lecture performance called 'Life Unedited" and performed 15 solos choreographed by all participant choreographers called "15 pieces " concept by Daniel kok, in the frame of an exchange program called "Point to point" by Asia Europe Dance Forum supported by Asian Europe foundation in 2009. He worked "Disposable Heroes" with Bangalore dance collective and "Lets make up India" with Eva Maria kupfer and was in 'Pro Choreo Laboratory', in Zurich, and received grant from pro Helvetia in 2010. 



My musical journey began with the tabla and found fulfilment in the Jembe - an African drum. I am a true fusion musician, having played with Carnatic, Hindustani and even dabbled with electronica. In a fusion of the arts, I have even played for artist, BKS Varma who painted during my jembe recital. The Attakalari Centre for Movement Arts have used my skills in the arena of dance. I have also composed music for several plays including an India – Hong Kong production called ‘Yours Most Obediently’. I am now working with my dream project – Shoonya.


Music (djembe) is about discovery – finding our own rhythm when we are alone or when we are part of a group. I conduct jembe workshops like drum circles for corporates in small group settings. Some of the recent corporate clients have been ARM, Oracle, Cyient etc.. These workshops are designed to use rhythm and music as a medium for team building and leadership skills. They can be structured as either a half day session or a full day session. Some activites conducted in the workshop are listed below.

  • Start with Rhythm - Clap, speak, walk but do that all in a rhythm

  • Drum it Up - Introduce the drums and play with some simple rhythms

  • Play your Rhythm - Discover your base rhythm - when you are high or low

  • Play it in a Group - Discover your group rhythm – leader / follower/ contributor

  • Find Rhythm in Work & Life - Discover the rhythms beyond the drums – in everything you do

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