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Professional Choreography Laboratory is a Four weeks Residential program at Play Practice Residency. Bangalore, India.

This Residential Program invites 14 participants from different artistic fields, who are motivated to indulge in an intensive period of physical practice,research, collective exchange and art/performance making from all over the Nation.

Emerging/aspiring artists and professionals who want to enhance their skill-set and expertise in re-defining their own sense and self expression in choreographic works and performance making (not required to fall into any one particular art genre) are invited to apply.

Participants also have a platform to collaborate,develop their research and present their own work under mentor-ship.

Limited seats for 14 participants only.

Date:- ‪16th September to 12th October 2019‬.

Deadline:- ‪25th August 2019‬.

Fees: Rs- 20,000/- (Including Accommodation)

To apply send your
CV, Photos and Motivation letter to:-

Program Structure

This program will be Sub-divided in three parts.

Technique Workshops.
Choreography Modules.
Lecture Demonstrations.

Technique workshop will be primarily training sessions, taught by different guest teachers with the purpose of providing various movement practices and disciplines, to give you a wider range in ‘movements’ vocabularies.

(‪Mon-Fri, 9am‬ to 11am)

Choreography Module will be more practical and Experimental based. Teachers/Choreographers will share an insight of their Personal researches and practices through various mediums such as Improvisational tasks, Compositions and choreographic methods on how to create and develop your own work and to find a unique voice in your artistic journey.

(‪Mon –Fri, 11:30am‬ to 1:30pm & ‪3pm to 5pm‬)

Lecture Demonstration on Voice/Text, Light Design, Music, Proposal Writing etc. With an intention to widen your perspectives and ideas. Experts from their field will share their knowledge and experiences on what is important in developing your creating.

(Saturdays ‪11:30am to 2:30pm‬)

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