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Copy of open call for summer residency(1

Play Practice FALL RESIDENCY program is offering a residency for artists all over the world. We invite Interdisciplinary movement and performing artists to live and create in a quiet artistic space run by artists from India. we are away from the city and artists will work in a  peaceful space for in-depth concentration on research, creative process and refreshing sunny weather in winter months.

The resident artist will have a private room in a shared apartment and access to dance studios with wooden sprung floors. Play Practice Artists residency is primarily a working space for diverse movement artists with the need to go deeper into their work and practice as well as presentation at the end. It is an experience of collaborative living and creation, and the resident will have the opportunity of artistic exchange as well as access to inside information about the dance scene in Bangalore.

This is a self generated residency and it is is conceived as an independent collaboration between Artists and Play Practice Artists residency as a way to facilitate alternative and affordable spaces for independent artists and creative researchers.The selected artists will need to Pay 590 Euro per month as Donation. Invitation letters for funding purposes are available after acceptance.

Price : 590 euros per project (1 person)

1) 6 hours of pre-booked studio space per day , divided 50/50 between the large and small Studios.

2) Accommodation
2) Possibility to teach classes and/or organize a performance or work-in-progress showing.
3) One or two  extra persons may be accommodated for additional fee .


 Mentoring :  Deepak Kurki Shivaswamy


Number of projects we are inviting for Fall Residency : 3 projects


Big Studio
9am to 12pm : project 1
12pm to 3pm : project 2
3pm to 6pm : project 3

Small Studio
9am to 12pm : project 3
12pm to 3pm : project 1
3pm to 6pm : project 2


(Timings you choose based on first come first serve basis)

You are welcome to offer workshops, lectures and presentation during your residency. Bangalore has contemporary , classical as well as experimental art scene and very open to people from diverse background all over the world. you can plan your presentation and lectures after 7:00 pm during your residency and weekends for workshops or to see places around Bangalore like Nandi hills, Hampi, and kodai kanal. it is also possible to collaborate with Local artists and we can provide more information.

​Space: The space is ideal for small and big size performances. You are welcome to set up a space for your project. BIG Studio space size is 30 ft x 60 ft with sprung floor with Vinyl flooring and SMALL Studio is 20ft x 30ft, with a wooden linoleum floor with vinyl flooring.

To Apply:
Send email to with following Details

1) Your CV and Photos

2) Number of artists involved ( Max 3)

3) Project description (1 page)


Deadline : 31st August 2019

Mentor : Deepak Kurki Shivaswamy

Deepak Kurki Shivaswamy a Contemporary performing artist from Bangalore has been engaged in artistic work as a performer, creator and teacher since year 2000. With a post graduate diploma in choreography from S.E.A.D in Austria. He has trained, worked and presenters dance works in India and Europe, and is a co-founder of an art collective The Kha Foundation.

As a performer he has worked India, Germany, Austria, Netherlands and UK. Danced in works choreographed by Jeremy Nelson, Samir Akika, Navtej Johar, Sudehas Adhana, Mandeep Raikhy Abhilash Ningappa , Jayachandran Palazhy ,Liz King, etc and toured in India, Japan and Europe. As a choreographer he has works created for proscenium, street performance and site specific, He has won the Prakriti Excellence in Contemporary Dance Awards 2012 . Created dance works with dancers from Kashmir, Delhi, Bangalore and Europe, Commissioned work includes Serendipity art festival in 2018, Youth Festival Delhi in 2017, Park festival in 2013. Was part of the creative team for street art projects like AREA 2010 in different cities in Europe and Freedom City 2017 Newcastle U.K.  In 2017 Deepak was Empanelled in to ICCR for his work in the field of dance

As a teacher has been a guest faculty for art institutes like Attakkalari, Gati, Stem, Aditi Mangaldas dance company, Dance worx,  Rangayana  and  Motley theatre group in India. SEAD and Evanson in Europe. He has been a mentoring creators and dancers as part of KHA foundation, Play Practice, Drishtikon Dance Foundation and Gati dance residencies. He is a visiting professor for dance in universities like Ashoka, SNU, and Ambedkar in New Delhi. Between 2002 till 2007 was part Education Outreach Program for schools in Bangalore led by Tripura Kashyap

As an art manager he has been rehearsal director at Attakklari, Aditi Mangaldas dance company. Project manager at Gati dance and KHA foundation. He is also had experience in production and technical managing for stage performances.

Deepak have been teaching dance for professional dancers, Schools, Universities and developing pedagogy for contemporary dance. With a training in Indian movement forms and an extensive engagement with dance teachers from Europe and US from past decade. His classes are informed from multiple sources and have devolved a working methodology which has emphasis on safe movement practice and recognise to individuality of the student in the class.

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