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Play Practice dance intensive program is a one year (2022) training program revolving around students who have recently graduated or have equal experience in movement practice or performing arts. Its a program for artists who wants to train physically, involve in choreography, research, discuss, create projects as well as perform. our main goal is to identify and nurture creative ideas which may help identify goals for artists. we believe its very important to collaborate and create your own goals through this program.

You can join full course (14th January to 11th December) or you can also join for 3 months of any block mentioned below. just make sure you apply before the deadline to secure your spot.

To Apply :

Send your Cv and Project proposal : we ask you to send a one page project proposal, anything which interests you artistically and would like to work on it during your time in play practice.

We are choosing based on your project so please make sure to mention the nature of your project , research ideas, and your motivation or goal in your application.

The chosen artists will come together within a creative space to practice, learn , create and perform with each other. The main focus of this project it to give students the space and chance to lead and develop their individual choreographic work, whilst also supporting them with professional classes and mentorship led by qualified and experienced tutors.

During this time they will be guided to understand the value and potential approaches that they may undertake during creative and research processes, as well as the planning, structuring and creation of their projects to help reach their artistic visions. They will then be supported and encouraged to showcase their work to the general public through performances or lectures/ discussions.

The program is planned out to run in 3 blocks with a one month break in between each block. The intention behind this break is to give the artists the chance to travel and find inspiration from various other places and incorporate it within their work. This helps to eliminate the possibility of brain fog caused by getting stuck in the same place, which may evidently limit the creative process of the work.

The 3 blocks are thus the most crucial aspect of the project, each lasting for 3 months, during which the artists are in the studio delving deep within their creation, exploration and research. Structuring the project in blocks allows the artists to plan their research within stages, set personal goals and targets to accomplish by the end of each of the 3 blocks. Each stage will conclude with a public presentation or performance, giving the artists the chance to obtain feedback from the audience members, and work upon this feedback during the following 3 month block. This will also allow them to observe how their ideas can change and develop through time and experiences, whilst also witnessing the stages within the project as they work with various collaborators and the learning outcomes that derive from this whole process. At the end of the project we wish to see the artists recognising their artistic voice, what their strengths are within the artistic and choreographic process. If needs be, the participants are also allowed to skip a block to be able to engage within other projects, tour and perform etc.

                                       Each Block is 12 weeks duration


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Who can apply ?

If you are an Artist, performer , creator , researcher of any discipline of any kind . Post graduation or equal experience can apply.

2) When can i apply?

You can apply 3 months before every block , please check the deadline information.

3) Can i apply for only one block (3months) ?

Yes you can apply for only 3 months but still you need to go through the selection process

4) Can I get a certificate?


You can request and we can make one according to the duration of the course.

5) Can i take a break in between the blocks if i join for a year? or can i skip the block

There is a month long break after every 3 month block. Yes you can also skip the block but you need to inform in advance

6) What if i am not a dancer or don't have any physical dance experience?

We are searching for a very basic knowledge of movement practice in any discipline but unfortunately it's not beginners level.

7) Is accommodation covered in the price ?

Unfortunately accommodation is not covered in the program fees.

8) Where can I stay during this program?

Option 1: We are renting our artist residency space for staying and this will cost 7,500rs/month , this is available for only 8 dancers and this needs to be discussed and confirmed with Abhilash Ningappa (mob : 9980560577)

Option 2: There are many independent houses available for rent around the studio area. You can search also through airbnb near bangalore university area or rajarajeshwari nagar area which is the closest to studio.

9) Where to eat?

Option 1: Residents can cook in their house , each house in the residency has a kitchen

Option 2 : Tiny restaurants near the studio, simple indian food

Option 3 : We have access to swiggy, its a app which brings food within a hour
Option 4: its possible to bulk order a home made food to the studio, this is the cheapest option and this can be planned when everyone arrives.  

10) Can I leave in between the program?

Yes , this is one of the programs where artists are free to make decisions and follow their will. And there will be no authority to control or make decisions for them.

11) Can I collaborate or can I work on my own ?

Both are possible

12) How to find Play practice artists residency ?

Best is to google map “ Play practice Artists Residency”
or check this link

13) What fun activities can be done during this program?

Option 1: we can have group movie showing as we have a projector
Option 2: there is a beautiful mountains just 40 min drive from Play practice, weekends are nice to go there and chill
Option 3: we can go for a group dinner to city which is also 40 min from play practice. we do this as we get tired eating home all week
Option 4: there is a forest which is 2 min walk from play practice, its beautiful green with lot of peacock and squirrels.
Option 5: Sleep

Note : we ask students to take care of themselves and make sure to stay safe and healthy, It's a self organised program where we ask artists to take responsibility for physical and mental health. Come with a good energy and share your valuable ideas and skills.

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